• Refinance Your Life

    Mortgages, credit card balances, student loans—sometimes it seems like life today is just debt, debt, and more debt. We’ve all been there. But we don’t have to stay there. Refinance.com and its partners can help you reduce your debt, make ends meet, and save for the long run, too. Refi your life today.

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  • Solve Your Student Debt

    There’s no bigger burden on young Americans. The debt you’ve put on to educate yourself and prepare for life is holding you back. It shouldn’t and doesn’t have to. Let us help you with smart solutions to reduce student loans today—and get you ahead tomorrow. Refi your loans today.

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  • Credit Card Control

    Too many of us are at the mercy of too much credit card debit—and the ever higher interest rates on our balances. Refinance.com can help you get control of your credit cards, reducing debt and monthly payments. And keeping your credit score in good standing, too. Refi your cards today.

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  • Cure the Mortgage Blues

    You have the home you’ve always wanted, but like millions of Americans, your monthly mortgage payments have turned your dream into a nightmare. With interest rates at or near historic lows, it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be this way. And we can help. Our refinance partners, the best in the business, will help you reduce your monthly payments and mortgage today.

The Power of Refi

Put the power of refinance to work—across every aspect of your life and debt. Refinance.com helps you understand the options, make choices and live within your means, and well too. Join the thousands of Americans who turn to us everyday. Refi your life today.
Home Mortgage Refinance

Home Mortgage Refinance

Take advantage of interest rates at or near historic lows today. Let us help you find the right options to reduce monthly payments, build equity and live better.

Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt

Don’t let high balances, and even higher interest rates, slow you down. Work with our partners to consolidate debt, reduce rates and cut your payments today.

Student Loans

Student Loans

Your education is supposed to be working for you—not you for it. Make sure you’re not paying a penny more for your student loans than you should. Check out the options and cut your monthly burden now.

Our Mission

Help Americans from all walks of life to take advantage of the power of refinance.

Your Needs

Tell us where you’re looking for help, whether it’s with a home mortgage, student loans, credit card debts—or all of the above. We want to hear your story.

Our Partners

We’ve carefully selected our partners from the best in their respective businesses, and whatever your situation, we will help you find the right folks to work with you.

Refinance Today

Find our what we can offer, pick the ease your debt burden today.

Customers Testimonials


Student / Private University

I can still remember how excited I was to get to campus! The first person in my family to go to college! It was all almost too much. So many things I wanted to do, courses I wanted to take, people to meet. I didn’t even think twice about taking out the loans. I figured it would be easy to pay them back once I started working. Now I know better, and I really wish someone at my school had sat me down and explained just how big the monthly payments get when you graduate. True, it was worth it. I love my job, and I wouldn’t have gotten it without my education. But it just doesn’t pay enough to live and pay my loans. And when I found out how long it was going to take me to pay back my loans, I was at wit’s end. I just didn’t know what to do. Until I found Refinance.com, and discovered I didn’t have to pay so much. By refinancing, I reduced my monthly payments, made ends meet‐‐and even begin paying down my debt. It was almost as exciting as getting into college!


Designer / New York City

After working in the New York City art scene for a few years, I had tough realization. If I was going to be taken seriously, I needed at least a BA, followed by a MFA. So I applied to schools, and I happily got accepted by a great school: St. John’s University’s Dramatic Arts, Film and Television program. Finally, I was truly on the path to acceptance and success. Little did I know I was about to put myself onto a roller coaster ride that would exhaust me mentally and physically and nearly wipe me out financially. At first, I was fortunate enough to have the government pick up the tab thanks to a federal loan through Navient. However, when the next semester began, the wheels fell off. Because I was working, and making fairly good money at a restaurant, I no longer qualified for the same benefits. I couldn’t believe it. I was getting penalized for working and studying. But I didn’t have time to think about it—if I wanted to stay in school and achieve my goals. The only choice was to take out a loan from Sallie Mae. My parents were having their own troubles and couldn’t co‐sign it. So I got stuck with a 9 percent interest rate, and after I graduated last spring, the cost truly hit me. So I had to give looking for the right art world job, keep working at the restaurant—and pick up a second job, too. Things still were tight. Until I found Refinance.com. They helped me find the right lenders to consolidate all my federal loans and refinance to cut the rates. I’ve still got a lot of debt, manageable, and I finally found that great job!

Get Ready to ReFi

The housing market is still stuck in the mud. Banks are afraid to make new loans—BUT if you already own a home, and have a solid track record of payments, plus good credit history, it’s a land of milk and honey—a literally golden opportunity to refinance.

  • Rates remain at historic lows. This won’t last forever.
  • Refi beats selling and buying. In many areas of the country, home prices still haven’t full rebounded and remain below pre‐crash. Eventually things will come back. Unless you must sell, wait.
  • Refi reduces costs today. On average, smart refis deliver significant savings over the cost of the loan, including closing fees. Don’t you need the dough?
  • Refi is a way of life. With your savings, you will have freed up essential money. What do you do with it? Help make ends meet? Throw it away at the tables in Vegas? Buy more stuff you don’t need it? Or, if you embrace refi as a way of life, put your savings to work getting the rest of your financial house in order—whether it’s paying down and refinancing credit card debt, student loans, an auto loan or more. The choice is yours.

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